Services Cable-laying Vessel Business

Management of cable-laying vessel operation

MOL Marine & Engineering manages operations of two state-of-the-art cable layers: the KDDI Ocean Link and the KDDI CABLE INFINITY, providing safe and timely support for cable-laying projects and maintenance of submarine cables, the foundation of today's online world.

KDDI Ocean Link
Laying a submarine cable

Both these two vessels can load cables more than 4,000km long – about half the distance between Tokyo and San Francisco. That means they could lay a submarine cable linking Japan and the U.S. with only two voyages.

Utilizing Extensive Experience in Dynamic Positioning System (DPS) Operation

Dynamic Positioning System(DPS)

These two cable-laying vessels are equipped with a Dynamic Positioning System (DPS), which enable precise positioning in the open sea, even at depths of 1,000 meters. The system is also installed on tankers and offshore support vessels that come alongside floating facilities that produce, store, and ship petroleum and natural gas. Utilizing DPS know-how accumulated in these operations, MOL Marine & Engineering provides consulting services related to offshore business and supports DPS training for crewmembers.