Services Cable-Laying Ship Business

Our ship management services offer the operation and management of Cable-laying ships.

MOL Marine & Engineering operates and manages two cable-laying ships, KDDI Ocean Link and KDDI Cable Infinity. We support the digital society with our contributions in the installation and maintenance of submarine cable networks in the oceans and seas.

Cable-laying ships that support social infrastructure

KDDI Ocean Link

KDDI Ocean Link is now primarily engaged in maintenance of submarine cables. After the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, she was sent out to restore a broken submarine cable.

KDDI Cable Infinity

KDDI Cable Infinity is specially designed to lay communication cables as well as power cables. She is mainly engaged in laying new submarine cables.

These vessels are operated by seafarers proficient in Dynamic Positioning System (DPS).

What is a "cable-laying vessel"?

International telephone and Internet communications are connected all over the world through submarine cables. The submarine cable laying ships lay new submarine cables as well as repair and maintain existing submarine cables in the oceans and seas around the globe.

The vessel is equipped with advanced technology of DPS (Dynamic Positioning System) that enables it to precisely keep its position at sea to perform its work and has onboard a ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) for cable laying and maintenance.

Seafarers support the digital Society by applying advanced cable laying and dynamic positioning technology in Cable laying ships.


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