On-Site Business Installation of Ballast Water Management Systems

In 2004, the international treaty to control and manage ballast water and sediment was adopted at International Maritime Organization (IMO) to prevent the discharge of marine organisms contained in ballast water in areas other than natural habitats. The treaty took effect on September 8, 2017.
MOL Marine & Engineering provides the following project management services for installation of ballast water management systems (BWMS) on vessels in services.

Main work for Project Management Services

  • Advise shipowners on selection of equipment
  • Advise shipowners on selection of engineering companies
  • Check revised blueprints such as ballast piping diagrams, wiring diagrams, equipment layout plans
  • Arrange equipment, piping, service engineer of each company
  • Provide information on BWMS installation work to ship management companies
  • Meeting with ship management companies, equipment manufacturers, engineering companies, and shipyards
  • Observe installation work (process management, coordination among concerned parties, confirmation of commissioning completion, etc.)
  • Arrange for creation of Ballast Water Management Plan (BWMP), etc.

Results in Installation (as of November 2021)

Ship types: Bulk carriers, PCCs, tankers, LNG carriers, over 100 vessels in all
BWMS treatment types : UV type, ozone injection type, chemical injection type, electrolysis type

Joint Development of BWMS-related Equipment

  • Joint development of equipment for concentration of sample waters to be used for the inspection of organisms in ballast water. (portable concentration equipment for measurement of L (large) size organisms) Detailed Information
  • Other

For inquiries on installation of ballast water management system, contact the Marine Environment Division: