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Characteristics of Ship's Bridge Simulator

A full-mission bridge simulator with 360º and downward views.
It is designed for shiphandling training, port function analysis (marine consulting), and various other applications.

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Bridge 1

The 360º view permits natural simulation of activities on the bridge by multiple personnel in BRM training and etc. The downward view provides a view of the pier while operating the vessel for arrival and departure at various ports, and intuitive understanding of the positional relationship between the vessel and the pier.

While the two bridges of the simulator may be operated independently, simulations of operating two vessels in close proximity are also possible, thus permitting, for example, the scenario of two vessels passing on the same track.

Structure of the System

Bridge 2

Our Bridge 2 is equipped with the Dynamic Positioning System (DPS). It enables ship- maneuvering to simulate vessels such as Cable ship, Marine resource research vessel. In addition to conducting simulations using Bridge 2 as a standalone unit, it is also possible to operate a second vessel simultaneously as a self-ship within the same area as Bridge 1.

Various Screen Descriptions

The graphic computer provides various scene descriptions such as change of view from day to night, as well as restricted visibility caused by fog or rain. Visibility related to distance may be selected at random.


Rich Database

We offer a wide range of meticulously replicated maritime areas and vessel models with high accuracy in our database. We can also create new models according to your specific requirements. Additionally, if you provide us with data regarding planned ports or vessels, we can use that information to faithfully recreate them within the simulator for a realistic simulation experience.

Example of Maritime Areas Database

Port of Yokohama
Port of Yokkaichi
Port of Osaka
Kanmon kaikyo

Example of Vessel Database

LNG Carriers
Bulk Carriers
Car Carriers
Wood Chip Carrier

Simulator Sales

We also offer sales of shiphandling simulators. We can provide various configurations, from a simple setup with a few PCs to large-scale setups with large screens. Please contact us through the inquiry form for further information.

PPU (Portable Pilot Unit)

Portable Shiphandling Support System utilizing iPad
This system is designed to assist pilots and navigators in their duties. Our company offers services such as equipment leasing, implementation, and operational support for this system.

  • Apple iPad mini and iPad compatible app
  • AIS connection via Wi-Fi interface (Pilot Plug connection)
  • S-63 chart compatibility
  • Charts can be updated through registered email/iTunes


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