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In line with the rapid changes in the international community, the environment surrounding vessels and ports continues to change day by day. Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL) provides appropriate maritime consulting services in response to these changes and to your various needs by leveraging our vessel operation know-how.

What is Maritime Consulting?

Our company offers a broad range of maritime services including evaluating vessel operation environments, assessing safety during vessel mooring, evaluating port capabilities and logistic policies, and surveying countries' maritime policies. After conducting the necessary basic research into the customer's issues, we find and propose necessary solutions by conducting various analyses and simulations of the vessel transportation environment, mooring environment, marine logistics environment and so on.

The Necessity for Maritime Consulting

A major maritime disaster has a wide-ranging impact not only on the cargo and vessel owners but also on the life of neighboring residents and the economy and environment of the area. To prevent losses due to maritime accidents, it is necessary to consider required safety measures from specialists' viewpoints, as well as to ensure that client convenience is not compromised.

Consulting Service that Solves All Problems

The role of a maritime consulting company is to provide solutions from an expert's point of view to customers' issues regarding the sea, ports and vessels.

Leveraging 140 Years of Maritime Technologies to Solve Issues

We supports you in solving challenges by leveraging the knowledge and experience of experts, including maritime engineers and seafarers with MOL. We identify issues of maritime transportation and vessel mooring that you may encounter in designing, constructing, and operating port facilities and provide appropriate improvement measures and resolutions.

Maritime Consulting Case Studies

Major International Engagements

Utilizing the know-how of the entire Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Group, we propose responses and improvement plans not only in Japan but also overseas.

  • Survey on ship types suitable for LNG loading ports (USA)
  • Study on standard berthing maneuvers when entering a port (Philippines)
  • Basic study on the impact of vessel facilities on the maneuvering of special vessels when entering and exiting port (Australia)

Maritime Consulting Process

In order to clarify your issues, we conduct careful interviews and fundamental research. We then propose solutions based on simulations and analyses. An example of our report and delivery process is shown below.


What kind of persons are providing consultation services? Do they have any qualifications?

Our consulting services are provided by personnel with the appropriate experience and knowledge for each project, including those who have experience as captains of vessels at MOL, those who hold maritime licenses, and those who are qualified as professional engineers under the Professional Engineer Act and those who hold doctorates in engineering.

How long does it take from making a request to receiving a report?

It depends on the kind of request, however, it is generally from one month to one year. It is about two months if it only involves organizing materials, and from six months to one year for a study in aport or navigation safety measure.

Is it possible to view your simulator?

Yes, it is possible to view our simulator depending on our expected use of the simulator and schedule. Please contact us using the contact form.

What is the difference between a static computation and motion simulation for safety during mooring?

Simply put, while the static computation obtains mooring limit conditions by assuming that there is a static balance between the force to move offshore and the mooring force based on a calculation according to the OCIMF method, the motion simulation obtains mooring limit conditions from chronological analyses of motion of a vessel and other factors when changing external forces are applied to the vessel. The motion simulation analysis can include the effect of waves in addition to the wind and tidal current that can be considered in the static computation.


Terms for maritime consulting and basic knowledge are explained here.

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Maritime Consulting

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